Jul 13

Swing Trade Ideas 2013-07-24

Disclaimer: I am not actively trading now.  These ideas are for sharing with a private group and are probably not worth trading.

Here are my swing trade ideas for 2013-07-23.  I am looking at ACXM AIT AMCC and CAMP

ACXM is flagging nicely after a clean runup.  My thinking is to go long on a break of the flag and hold for $2 for half, raise stop to breakeven and hold for another $2.

AIT is flagging very close to it’s high.  I am thinking buy at 52, stop at 51 and hold for half at 53, rest to 55 with break-even stop.

CAMP has pulled back nicely to it’s 20 day SMA.  It found support by the 20 SMA twice before in this runup.  I would take this as a buy now with a stop at 14.50.  I would scale out half at 16 and the rest at 17.

AMCC is flagging nicely.  I would go long on a break of the previous day high, with a stop just below the low.  Hold for a dollar and jump off.  If I get stopped out, I notice the previous flag dropped to the 20 day.  I would keep this on watch and if it finds support at the 20 day, re-enter there.